Charleston Specialty Foods - Take Tradition Home…..the tradition begins Aug 01, 2016

As we begin our blog series I wanted to go into some of our company’s history as Charleston is rich in history and we have a bit of ours also.

It all began with a bean as we say here. In 1984 our company began selling products in the Old Charleston City Market. These were primarily different types of bean soups (see how it began with a bean?) along with some rice mixes. Back then the products were branded as “Bess’ Beans” and were part of the fledgling local food movement in Charleston. Bess’ Beans were soon being shipped to retail gourmet stores throughout the country. The famous 13 Bean Souper Soup was one of the most well-known products and was copied numerous times by other companies. As business grew, so did the product line. Benne Wafers (more on than that in other post) and cookies were added along with many more items and then a few ownership changes over the years. Food tastes changed and Charleston changed also. Charleston had embraced its history, restored and shared with the world the lifestyle and feel of all things Charleston. To celebrate Charleston, our company rebranded our product line as Charleston’s Own®. Today Charleston Specialty Foods supplies some of the best specialty food stores, gift shops and large format grocery stores around. We also distribute other Lowcountry iconic brands and products. Take a look around on our website and Take Tradition Home.  www.charlestonspecialtyfoods.com