Charleston's Own Benne Seeds
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Benne Seeds with History and Recipe 8 oz. $ 4.50

Benne Seed has long been a traditional staple in Lowcountry food. Perhaps best known in Charleston for the Benne Wafer, it was used in other dishes as well as for cooking oil. In 1730 Benne seeds were documented as being grown in and around Charleston as a cash crop.

The Benne which is an annual flowering plant that grows to 4-6 feet. It produces white flowers that later form seed pods filled with the benne seed. It is sometimes spelled bene, Benny, or bennie. As late as the first part of the 20th century, areas of the Lowcountry continued to grow sizable crops of benne for cooking as an ingredient and for oil.

Benne Seeds are a high oil content seed and may be kept in the freezer to prolong freshness.

Includes a recipe for traditional Benne Wafers along with a short history on the Benne in America. Benne Seed. 8 oz bag