The Kings Garlic Butter Sauce
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The Kings Garlic Butter Sauce The King's Garlic Butter Crab Sauce
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Local made butter sauce, famous for garlic crabs, shrimp, fish, seafood and more. Use in shrimp and grits, as a dipping sauce, topping or spread. The Kings Sauce by Chef Leonard has become legendary in Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry. In a 16 oz bottle


Lowcountry Garlic Crabs Recipe with The King's Sauce 

6-8         Blue Crabs, Fresh

1 Cup     The Kings Garlic Butter Sauce (about half a bottle)

1 Tbl      Parsley, fresh, chopped

1             lemon, cut into wedges

 Preheat oven to 450°F. Blue crabs, should be live before cleaning. Scrub shells, remove gills, and innards, leaving the meat intact. Rinse with fresh water. If using snow crab clusters, ensure they are thawed. In a roasting pan or deep sided baking pan, combine the crab and the sauce and ensure all areas of the crab are coated heavily in the sauce. Place pan in oven for 18-20 min, turning crabs in the sauce every 5 min to ensure coating. When crab is cooked thoroughly, remove from oven. The butter sauce should be baked onto the shell. Sprinkle parsley on crabs and squeeze a couple wedges of lemon according to taste and toss crabs in sauce. Add additional sauce if needed and coat. Serve crabs with plenty of napkins.