Charleston Local Honey
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Lowcountry Bees & Honey 8 oz. Vintage Style Bottle $ 7.50

Our local honey from Lowcountry Bees & Honey. The hives are local in Charleston and surrounding Lowcountry with the honey bottled right here in Charleston by our local bee keeper. The honey is all natural, pure, raw and unfiltered which sometimes leads to crystallization. 

Our 8 oz vintage bottle of local honey. The bottle is patterned off a design from the late 1800's around the same time when the commercial honey extractor was invented. Hand sealed with a cork and dipped in beeswax for a truly unique item.

This is an all natural honey that may crystalize. To restore honey to liquid form, place glass container in hot water until liquid.

Honey should not be given to infants under 1 year old.