Carolina Blackened Red Snapper

This recipe uses red snapper as a fish which is locally found in the waters along the coast. Fresh snapper is often found in seafood markets and grocery stores throughout the country. 

Red Snapper, fillet, fresh or similar fresh fish
Butter, melted 
Charleston's Own Sea Island Blackening Seasoning (to taste)

Preheat cast iron skillet or heavy bottomed pan on med-high heat. Dip or brush butter on fish, coat filets heavily on both sides with blackening seasoning. Place fish in pan and pour some of the remaining butter over the top. The fish will develop a dark "blackened" crust. Turn the fish over once after about 3 minutes or the crust has formed. Continue cooking until done. Serve with wedge of lemon, Charleston's Own Lowcountry Remoulade Sauce or Charleston's Own Creekside Tartar Sauce.

 Mahi is an excellent fish to use for blackening. It is often found fresh or frozen throughout the US in grocery stores.