Aeropress Coffee Maker Press
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Aeropress Coffee Maker Press Aeropress Coffee Maker Press Kit
AeroPress Coffee Maker $ 23.95

This is our favorite coffee maker and honestly really does make the worlds best cup of coffee! This is press style coffee maker utilizes a disposable micro filter. Use it on for coffee or espresso to make 1-3 cups at a time. Use it in your kitchen, the office or when camping. The kit includes the press, measuring scoop, stirrer, holder and 350 micro filters.

Insert filter and screw the retainer on, remove the plunger, add 1 scoop of your favorite ground coffee and place press over cup. Add hot water (around 250 F or just at boil), saturating all of the grounds and stir. Insert the plunger to seal the liquid (don't press) and let stand. After approximately 1 minute, press the plunger downward in a smooth motion until a "hissing" sound. You just have made the best cup of coffee. To clean, unscrew the filter retainer, and push the plunger all the way to pop out the filter and grounds. Wash or rinse the AeroPress for the next use.