Barry's Original BBQ Sauce South Carolina Style
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Barry's Original BBQ Sauce South Carolina Style Barry's SC Mustard BBQ Sauce
Barry’s South Carolina Style BBQ Sauce $ 4.99

Barry’s South Carolina Style BBQ Sauce. Made according to the original family recipe since the 1930’s by South Carolina’s original Barbeque royal family. Traditional South Carolina style mustard barbeque sauce in a 19 oz glass bottle.

In the 1930s Papa Joe Bessinger, packed up his wife, Genora and family, and headed to Holly Hill, SC, where he traded a few cows for a café to open Joe’s Café. It was also around this time that Joe came up with the recipe for this famous BBQ sauce.

 The original barbeque sauce recipe has been passed on for generations and remains a closely guarded family secret to this day. Joe’s became a major stopping point for travelers between Charleston and Columbia craving his great tasting pork barbecue and the addictive yellow sauce. Papa Joe would actually dig a pit in the ground and slow roast those pigs for hours over wood coals and then slather them with his famous mustard barbecue sauce. Curb boys would come out to customers cars and take their orders and bring them their food.

Barry’s Dad would teach him how to make this sauce when he was a teenager. It became his job to make it for the family restaurant. It was made in a 300 gallon stainless steel vat in the attic of the Piggie Park Drive-In on Rivers Ave. in North Charleston. While different versions of this sauce are bottled and sold by different family members throughout the state and beyond today, this is the original recipe that came from Papa Joe. Barry’s SC Style BBQ Sauce, the South Carolina original.