Miss Ezzie's Carolina Spiced Peach
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Miss Ezzie's Carolina Spiced Peach Miss Ezzie Carolina Spice Peach
Miss Ezzie's Carolina Spiced Pickled Peaches $ 8.50

Legendary Lowcountry Old Fashioned Carolina Spiced Peaches. Ripe peaches are combined with cane sugar, vinegar and some spices, then can it to keep the goodness in.  

Want something just a little bit fancy to tickle your guests taste buds? Then reach for Miss Ezzie's Spiced Peaches. Never too big for their britches, these peach halves are pretty to look at and delicious for dining. Just set a couple alongside a slab of salty country ham and watch your guests eyes glaze over with sweet satisfaction. Glory be, they're good! 

Ingredients: Peaches, cane sugar, vinegar, water, cinnamon, cloves and spices.

A 16 oz glass jar of pickled spiced peaches