Artichoke Relish - Mrs Sassard's
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Mrs Sassard's Jerusalem Artichoke Relish 15 oz. Jar $ 10.75

The world famous original Jerusalem Artichoke Relish. This has been a staple of the lowcountry for generations and is continued to be produced according to the original recipe from 1917. It is fantastic on just about everything as a condiment or served by itself for dipping. 15 oz Jar.

The Jerusalem Artichoke is actually not an artichoke at all, but a type of tuber that is also called a "Sunchoke".  The Jerusalem Artichoke is often noticed for its flowers that are reminiscent of a cluster of small sunflowers or "Black-eyed Susan".  While the Jerusalem Artichoke is found throughout the US, the Jerusalem Artichoke Relish is an item specific to the Lowcountry and Charleston. 

Mrs Sassard's has been producing lowcountry products since 1917. It is operated with the fourth generation of the Sassard family.