Charleston Butt Grabber
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The Charleston Butt Grabber™ $ 36.95

Locally made by hand from the Charleston Hooker™. This cooking tool is designed for grabbing a pork butt, roast, turkey, ham or other large heavy item off the grill or smoker. Hand crafted in Charleston of brass with an oak wood handle, affixed with brass plate and leather hanger. Hand wash only                                             

The story of the Charleston Butt Grabber: “It was not a good night…..”

“Sam and Lucy, our backyard neighbors, had a cookout, all the neighbors were invited. It was a grand affair. Lucy put a table cloth on the picnic table, even got out real plates, really uptown.

Sam had a great big Boston Butt on the grill. Just looking at it made us drool, and it did smell good! We all sat around talking, telling tall tales, sipping a few cool ones, really enjoyable.

Well, after a while Lucy decided it was time to get on with the eating. Sam took the big bar-b-que fork he bought at the hardware store and proceeded to get that big butt off the grill and onto the platter. It started to wobble and slide on the fork and slid right off onto the cold ground. When the hot butt hit the cold ground we knew the party was over….

More cool ones were sipped!! We didn’t get to tell Lucy how much we enjoyed the beans and the cole slaw, she’d gone in the house for the rest of the evening.

I decided right then and there to keep this from happening again, so I came up with the Charleston Butt Grabber. It keeps your hot butt off the cold ground!”

John M. Gantt